Does Morality Depend on Religion?

Topics: Morality, Religion, Philosophy Pages: 2 (352 words) Published: March 2, 2008
Does Morality Depend on Religion?

4.1 The Presumed Connection between Morality and Religion
•Separation of Church and State
–Roy Moore and the ACLU
•Priests and ministers as moral experts
•Belief that morality can only be understood through religion •Religion associated with morals while atheism is not
–Bertrand Russell

4.2 The Divine Command Theory
•Implies that morality is arbitrary
•Act is obligatory if and only if, and because, it is commanded by God •Honesty and humility is right
•Child abuse and murder is wrong
•Recognizing it and making it
•Does God make the moral truths true or does he merely recognize them

4.3 The Theory of Natural Law
•Everything in nature has a purpose
–Aristotle originated this theory
–Revised by Christian philosophers (Saint Augustine, Saint Thomas) •How things are and how they ought to be
–When something is serving it's purpose it is right, when it is defecting from that purpose it is wrong –Beneficence and Deviance
•How do we determine what is right and wrong
–Dictated by reason
–Believers and nonbelievers both have ability to reason
–Moral decision making based on reason does not necessarily involve religion at all –"Believers and nonbelievers inhabit the same moral universe"

4.4 Religion and Particular Moral issues
•Do the moral positions of the church dictate the moral positions of the people •Relevance of problems
•Disagreement between authorities
•Superimposing scripture
–On wealth (1 Chronicles 4:10 – Jabez)
–On Abortion (Jeremiah) (Exodus 21)
•Saint Thomas Aquinas
–Soul is not acquired till human is formed
–Council of Vienne 1312
–Church used scientific data that has been proved false
–Church and Western Law

•Religious authority and Moral Judgment
–Religious authorities have changed their stance on many issues –Each generation has different stances on issues

Conclusion: Religion and Morality are independent!
•Religion doesn't make...
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