Does Language Play Role of Equal Importance in Different Areas of Knowledge?

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Does language play role of equal importance
in different areas of knowledge?

Everyday people communicate to each other by using language. The communication is the most important part of our lives and if there were no it, the world would not be as developed as today. Only humans can speak and that is a trait which differs us from animals. But what exactly is language which we use everyday? It is defined as a method of communication by humans in symbolic system to share some opinions, emotions, points of view, ideas or information. In the school and university, knowledge is putted across the language in the form of books, notes and lectures. There is no knowledge without language. However, language can get different functions and due to this fact, it is used differently. If we compare language in science, mathematics, art and history, we will that it differs. In this essay I would like to improve that language plays role of equal importance in different areas of knowledge but there may be some differences between them.

To begin with, language can express a relation between words and things. Every single thing, feeling or smell that we see, feel or hear has its own name. People give names to everything which is around them because it is much easier to use only one word instead of long explanation, which sometimes could be very misleading. Such a process makes communication better in every area of knowledge and mostly, in our lives. For example, if we want to say that we have already bought new car than everybody knows what car is. We do not have to explain that it is a vehicle with four wheels and an engine, that can carry a small number of passengers, because it takes more time and could be hard to explain exactly what we mean.

On the other hand, some words have more than one meaning. For foreign students, people who learn for example Polish language, some usage of words could be very misleading and incomprehensible. Let's take a word „castle”. In English there is only one meaning of this word- a very large strong building, built in the past as a safe place that could be easily defended against attack, whereas in Polish there are much more meanings. There is a castle as a building- like in the English meaning, moreover, if we say „castle” in Polish, we could understand it as a sand castle, zipper, lock or a kind of fish. As we see, not in every language every word has its own name. If we want to use it and well-understand it, we need to understand the context of the phrase because if we don not, than the phrase could change its meaning.

Secondly, symbols also are integrated in human language. Usage of conventional symbols is understandable in the whole world. Even people who are unable to talk or hear can understand some meanings thanks to their eyesight. For example, on the tickets there are information about the product. In the picture above, we understand everything written on the ticket without ability to talk or hear. A producer of the jumper used symbols which are well-known for everyone. It does not matter if you are from the USA, Brazil, Japan or Poland- these symbols are the same. They show us what should we do with our clothes- in which temperature we should wash them, if we can/cannot iron them, if we can/cannot wash them in the chloride etc. What is more, there are particular sizes of the clothes and thanks to them, we know which jumper or other part of the clothes is good for us. These sizes from 32 to 50 (sometimes even bigger) are established in the whole world. So when we go to the store and need to buy something- for example jumper, we do not have to worry if it fits to us or not, and match it hundrend of times to find the best size because if we previously looked on the ticket from our other clothes than we will know which size is good and suitable for us.

On the other hand, sometimes producers change a little the size of the product. Futhermore, in some countries, mostly in the USA there...

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