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Task 3: (D2) In writing, analyse the results of the market research activity, recommending how these results can benefit the organisation

After my market research activity it was important to analyse the results and measure the effectiveness. It seemed that only 1 in 5 people answering the questionnaires had even heard or recognised a Thomas Cook advert. This therefore means that for every 1 person that had heard 4 people hadn’t which is very poor statistics. This staggering 80% of people answered no to all questions regarding advertising as they hadn’t heard, seen or able to recollect any aspect of advertising. This marketing campaign was primarily aimed families for its target market. Most people who answered the questionnaire where over 30 and where all within the target market. Four fifths of these people could not recall any advert thus showing how ineffective the campaign was. I researched marketing effectiveness statistics and for an advert to be successful it needs to be recognised by 75% or more people. This mere 20% simply shows how disastrous this campaign was. Thomas Cook failed at appealing to their target market and made the campaign seem like a waste of money. This multimillion investment severely backfired as it did not affect sales at all. This ineffective campaign cost them money and a lot of wasted hours. The advert needed to be catchy and enough to get people talking which it didn’t seem to do. To conclude, it would seem that Thomas Cook need to seriously go back to the drawing board and when coming up with a new campaign ensure that they meet their target markets needs while being effective at the same time. Thomas Cook have had to learn from this campaign as it was set to be their best even but consequently lost the business a lot of money without making any profit at all. With all the negativity analysed it is vital that Thomas Cook now produce a good advertising campaign and learn from their mistakes turning it into a positive and...
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