Disadvantages of Cinema

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It has been said that technology becomes the primary factor of shaping the world and people’s consciousness. Since, our society now is on the period of post-modernity, everything seems so rapid and borderlines were already unimaginable. What I mean is that, because of the rapidity on the development of technology, everything is reachable and accessible in any point of the world, even to the remotest place a man can be. Technological advancement brought by the wonders of man’s rationality, even how small the mind is, and its capacity to create grandiose invention and innovation cannot be denied. The unending struggle of anyone to provide a better place and better world is the byproduct of man’s ingenuity.

By and large, technology indeed occupies the best position of influencing and shaping the structure and system of the present civilization, bringing it to the place wherein no one is in private and inaccessible. Everything revolves around the world of technology, it even dictates what we should think of, and what behavior are we to act. Nonetheless, we owe significantly to the advantages of technology which makes one’s life easier.

Cinema: Ancient yet powerful

Our idea of cinema springs from different theoretical and conceptual constructs. However, we can further understand these constructs when we personally experience what we call cinema. In the age of industrial revolution when the idea of cinema came into existence, but, long before the scientific discoveries and technological development, cinema is already in existence. Furthermore, Greeks and Romans popularized the idea of theater in which it gradually involved to what we know now as cinema, though, theatre still exists. There are at least two concepts closely related to our idea of cinema-- cinema as a medium and as a technological structure.

Although, we understand cinema as ancient and old, yet, performs a powerful role...
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