Diploma 5 Unit 502

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Unit 502 (SHC52) Learning Outcomes 1.1
As assistant manager I am responsible for many things in the home I manage, including things such as; health and safety, the staff team and the clients/ tenants under our care. To be able to maintain health and safety, keep to legislation and standards I must ensure that I am continually improving my professional knowledge and practice; allowing me to provide an excellent standard of care. By ensuring that I know legislation and standards updates I can ensure that the home I manage is in-keeping with all updates that affect service delivery and is compliant. Attending training relevant to my role such as; Deprivation of Liberty, Mental Capacity Act and Safeguarding, allows me to be informed and have knowledge of procedures in place when such incidents arise relating to these subjects. Completing specified management training such my diploma 5 ensure that I am working in partnership with the staff team, the employer, parents, clients/ tenants, healthcare professionals and external agencies. These types of development allow me to identify strengths and weaknesses in my practice and then work towards improvement.

Unit 502 (SHC52) Learning Outcome 1.2
Barriers may arise in professional development and can present themselves through individuals, within the organisation and even externally. Barriers that may arise with an individual could be lack of confidence with learning, lack of learning opportunities and styles and reluctance to learn. These can mainly be overcome by understanding the style of learning that best suits you, that you are comfortable with and that you enjoy. Organisational barriers could be things such as; a reluctance to change attitude towards learning and development for staff and not having the resources available for learning and development. These can be overcome by accessing a trainer, accessing online courses or external courses.

Unit 502 (SHC52) Learning Outcome 1.3
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