Different Ways in Which We Utilize Non-Human Animals

Topics: Morality, Human, Animal Pages: 3 (996 words) Published: April 11, 2013
There are many different ways in which we utilize non-human animals. From clothing, to food, bi-products, even friendship, non-human animals are a very integral part of our lives, and as such raise questions of morality in terms to their treatment. I personally did not give much thought to my personal use of non-human animals prior to this, but it turns out that it is in fact very extensive. My main use of non-human animals is for nutritional purposes. My diet consists of a variety of products, but my protein intake is heavy on non-human animal meats. Aside from the uses I give non-human animals as part of my daily diet, non-human animals are also present in my wardrobe. Whether it is wool pants, a cashmere sweater, or leather shoes, many of the different items I chose to wear have some sort of non-human animal by-product in them, increasing the use I give those non-human animals. Finally, I, like many of us, use products that have been developed through the use of medical research on non-human animals. Furthermore, aside from the use I give non-human animals for dietary or fashion purposes, I also utilize non-human animals for recreational purposes. Having lived in Miami for well over a decade now, I have developed a passion for recreational fishing, where I also make use of non-human animals. While the fishing can be somewhat of a more cruel relationship with non-human animals, I also have very tender relationships with some; in fact, I consider myself to be a huge dog lover. My former employers, who are also close to being family, have two dogs, two cats, and a parrot at their home. Through my time as their employee and friend I developed a friendship with these non-human animals that remains strong today. Whenever my former bosses go out of town, I make sure the animals are fed and taken care of with a lot of pleasure. When looked at in terms of utilitarianism, many aspects of the way I choose to interact with non-human animals are valid, and some are not...
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