Different Style of Learning

Topics: Education, Kinesthetic learning, Knowledge Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Different Styles of Learning
By Jason D. Himel
COLL100 DO41 WIN 13
American Military University
Maureen Horowitz

As individuals I found we all learn in many different ways. You have from people learning on-line while other attends a class room environment. Some people are hands on learners while others can read an assignment and retain the information very well. When I first started this exercise I thought to myself how I learn the material I am trying to obtain. After taking all four of the surveys and completing the exercises I found it very interesting the breakdown of my learner abilities. In all the styles and ways of learning I found that I am a visual learner. As a visual learner I prefer hands on training, taking lots of notes, and visual seeing the big picture and then breaking down the picture while trying to understand how it all comes together. But being a visual learner doesn’t really stop here. I decided to go further into detail to see what a visual learner means to me. I have decided to seek a college degree to prepare myself for the future and prepare myself for the new chapter in life. I only have about two years remaining in the military and a few courses left to complete my bachelor degree. My supervisor a few weeks ago sat down with me really broke it down for me and helps me understand time management and finding time to finish my degree. She pretty much gave me a more time so I can finish my education. A challenge I am willing to accept. Despite me working full time and many long hours I decided to attend on-line classes. Considering surveys taken; on-line courses is one of my weaknesses since how I prefer eyes on and hands on training but through the proper motivation and dedication I can overcome my weakness and make it my strength. This I hope I am able to overcome and do extremely well. As I was doing the exercises I found two of which most interesting and yet I totally agree was from the learning styles and strategies...
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