Developmental Psychology

Topics: Developmental psychology, Knowledge, Scientific method Pages: 2 (331 words) Published: March 5, 2012
CU1534 – Promote learning and Development in the Early Years

1.1 Explain each of the areas of learning and development and how these are interdependent -------------------------------------------------
Personal, social and emotional development
Communication, language and literacy
Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy
Knowledge and understanding of the world
Physical development
Creative development
While children are in the setting the areas of development are maintain by activities that are carried about throughout the day, and practitioners can observing children’s play while they care taking part with the activity and how they are development each skill -------------------------------------------------


1.2 Describe the documented outcomes for children that form part of the relevant early years framework -------------------------------------------------
These are the goals and targets for children to meet throughout early years, for example communication language and literacy linking sounds. These are documented through observations that are carried out by their key person through day to day, which they then just to develop children’s development with carrying out different activities and adapting or changing them for an individual needs.

1.3 Explain how the documented outcomes are assessed and recorded -------------------------------------------------
While activities are taking place observations to see if the child is meeting their development with the six areas of learning and development and to see how they can help to maintain their learning and development. We can see their...
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