Determining Operating Systems and Software Applications

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Determining Operating Systems and Software Applications
Business Information Systems

Determining Operating Systems and Software Applications
Since 1955 the McDonald’s Corporation has become the largest and best known fast food franchise in the world. Employing over 1.8 million employees, with over 34,000 restaurants and 5000 franchises worldwide, McDonald’s Corporation serves over 69 million customers a day (McDonalds, 2013). To meet that challenge, McDonald’s Corporation has developed signature software and hardware to maintain operations at a pace known to no other restaurant chain.

The operating system and software applications used by McDonald’s restaurants. It will describe how the operating system and applications helps the company reach its objectives, and the functions of computer hardware components used in the organization. Finally, information will be provided of examples of input hardware, output hardware, and storage hardware and describe how they are used by McDonald’s Corporation.

Main Operating System and Software Applications
An organization of this size must rely on numerous levels of information technology that is constantly changing. Commonly referred to in the past century as the cash register, the point-of-sale systems now can receive payment from credit or debit cards from smart-phones. Millions of transactions are conducted daily from various types of point-of-sale systems; all interact with the customers and exchange payment. The corporation is continually seeking to improve and advance this process.

The franchisees themselves, in the United States have tremendous leeway as to how they may actually run the restaurants . Most, if not all are always attempting to increase speed and efficiency of customer sales and services with the latest applications. In September, 2013 for example, mobile payment application testing was conducted with restaurants in Salt Lake City and Austin, Texas. Place an order with a mobile phone and picked up at the counter or drive-thru window. Striving to be the “customers’ favorite place and way to eat” takes constant effort and innovation. This global organization relies on various point-of-sale systems (POS) for customer transactions. The decision support systems (DSS) are used to gather customer information to improve quality, speed, service, and customer satisfaction. Information management systems (IMS) are operated for employee and financial support requirements. The tailor-made systems applications and software are used for multiple processes. The actual specifications of these systems and applications are considered confidential or proprietary information by McDonald’s Corporation. Because of the global presence of the corporation, information that could be considered helpful to competitors is regarded as confidential and will not be shared openly with the public.

How Operating System and Software Applications Reach Company Objectives McDonald’s Corporation uses several systems that assist in reaching its objectives. The scale of point system (SPS) ensures fast and accurate orders. This system is used to speed the business process, it can track massive amounts of data in seconds, and each order is instantly transmitted to several workstations throughout the facility. The cashiers instantly know what payments are due, the kitchen receives orders coming up, and how long a customer has waited ("McD Information System," n.d.). The fast and accurate orders result in satisfied customers, which in turns translate to a return visit.

The decision support system (DSS) is used to model data and enable quality decision making. This allows McDonald’s Corporation to analyze the market. The advancement of technology has driven the field of wireless services in almost every restaurant. The company gathered information about the customer use of wireless services, length of stay, and sales levels, and the DSS...

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