Description of Khadimnagar Nationa Park (Tour Report)

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Khadimnagar National Park , previously known as Khadimnagar Reserve Forest(1957) is consist of 1676.73 acres of area. It was declared as Khadimnagar National Park in 13 May 2006. Khadimnagar National Park is one of the most important protected areas of Bangladesh, because of its interesting biodiversity composition. It is a resourceful mixed semi-evergreen and evergreen forest. It comprises floral resources, Funal resources, NTFPs resources, timber resources, bamboo, cane etc. Several surveys were carried out on Khadimnagar National Park through several time . As a result Khadimnagar National Park has become an important forest to visit for those who are engaged in forestry profession in Bangladesh.

Location & Map:
Khadimnagar National Park is distributed in both Sadar and Goainghat Upozilla, Sylhet district, Sylhet division, Bangladesh. The map of the park is as given:


Khadimnagar National Park

The park is about 8-9 km long but just about 0.5 km in width.

Area: 679 Ha
Forest Type: Tropical Evergreen and Semi-Evergreen
District: Sylhet
Upozilla: Sylhet Sadar
Bio-Ecological Zone: Sylhet Hills
Physiographic: Northern and Eastern Hills
Coordinate: 24° 56' 24°58' N and 91° 53‘91° 57'.E

Biodiversity: The biodiversity of the forest was rich in early times, but it is in danger now due to the destruction of the natural forest by over extraction and so on. Now in this situation, there are still the forest has a total of 217 species of plants, 20 amphibians, 9 reptiles like the Cobra and Python, 26 species of animals, including the Macaque, Capped languor, Fishing Cat and 28 species of birds such as the White Backed Vulture, Brahmini Kite, Hill Myna, Wildfowl and Oriental Pied Hornbill. The forest due to its native habitat is especially rich in bamboo and cane.

Flora: Major timber species of Khadimnagar National Park are:

|Local Name |Scientific Name | |Chattim |Alstonia scholaris | |Arjun |Terminalia arjuna | |Bahera |Terminalia belerica | |Haritaki |Terminalia chebula | |Sal |Shorea robusta | |Garjan |Dipterocarpus turbinatus | |Minjiri |Cassia siamea | |Ping |Cynometra polyandra | |Loha Kath |Xylia dolabriformis | |Jarul |Lagerstroemia speciosa | |Champa |Michelia champaca | |Rata |Aphanamixis polystachya | |Neem |Azadirachta indica | |Chikrashi |Chickrassia tabularis...

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• Handbook ,etc.[pic]
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