Deontology: Morality and Greater Good

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A maxim is a personal rule we follow to do the right thing. Following the rule of a moral law is something a rational human being does according to Kant. There are two types of rules the Hypothetical rule and the categorical rule. The hypothetical rule is if I do “this” then “this” will happen as a result. I will be focusing on the categorical rule though. That is a moral law that is universal; it commands us or obligates us to follow it absolutely with no exceptions. I will be discussing three examples were categorical rule comes into play and the different outcomes from different perspectives.

The first scenario is in the business world. It is commonly implied that in the business world, in order to get to the top you have to step over people to achieve that status. This situation has two different roles. These two roles are the person getting to the top and the role of the person getting stepped on. Kant would say that this isn’t morally right. In this case the person getting on top is practicing egoism. He is only thinking of himself and his or her personal gain. Kant disagrees with this because the person trying to get to the top is just using other people and tossing them to the side just after he is done using them for their utility. In terms of egoism, someone who is egotistical would agree with this because they just want to look out for themselves and in the end only worry about their own gain from the situation. I myself agree with Kant in that this is morally wrong. People shouldn’t be treated by other people as “tools” for their personal gain. Egoism in this scenario may be the ethical choice depending on the situation. Let us say the situation is viewed in a different perspective. What if the person who is stepping on peoples back to get on the top is doing so because the company is in horrible conditions with the people who are in charge now are mistreating the employees? True, the man stepping on peoples back is doing the same...
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