Deeper Understanding of the Treadway Case

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Gaining a Deeper Understanding of the Problem

Patricia A. McGlown

Dr. Sharon Korth

EDD 8100

November 25, 2012

Gaining a Deeper Understanding of the Problem

Discussion Part One:

The key issues Ashley discusses with John is Jim Collin’s theory of moving from good to great

and how he feels this can inhibit companies from becoming great at what they do. She also

addresses Jim Collin’s second concept of Level 5 Leadership.

Ashley is the Human Resources Director at Treadway and began reviewing the mission

statement and vision. I had previously introduced that idea suggesting that this is where she

should begin but wasn’t clear in my explanation. It seems all institutions have these statements

but is Treadway living up to theirs if they have one. This was never stated in the information

article Treadway “Tire Company-Job Dissatisfaction and High Turnover-Lima Plant. “

Ashley felt that bringing the foreman together to work on effort and rework what they have

Gaining A Deeper Understanding of the Problem

now and align them with what they do on a daily basis.

At this point in the discussion, Ashley seems to be headed in the right direction as she is

Aware of Collin’s argument that Level 5 leaders throughout an organization and that these

Folks need to be honored and involved in the decision making process. My initial concern,

was similar to John, that they were being left out of the decision making process and may

be part of the problem. I addressed this by asking, are organizational leaders (organizational

flow chart) Exhibit 2, Abbreviated Organizational Chart, 2007 (Treadway Tire Company’s Lima,

Ohio Plant) ready to make change and not expect their work to alter with long term planning?

John pointed out that Treadway struggled to maintain good foreman and was not sure that

the current foremen are what are called true company men. He felt there must be some

Gaining a Deeper Understanding of the Problem

reason for the high turnover.

Ashley continues to be on track because she feels that this is where she should start as it is

Critical that they maintain good foremen. She realizes that they influence everything that

happens on the floor and new hiring new takes time to get things up to speed.

I suggested that proper training needed to be conducted for all workers, especially the foremen

to eliminate unwanted low morale and this would help improve productivity which can be


John feels she has thought about the issues and questions how she will get the answers she

wants and how she will collect data. She is following what seems to be Collin’s suggestion

that developing ideas and testing them against data, revising the ideas, building the

Gaining a Deeper Understanding of the Problem

frameworks, seeing it break under the weight of evidence, and rebuilding yet again, (p.11).

John poses some thought provoking questions to Ashley that prompts another way of

looking at the foremen issue that supports the temporal lens, (Anacona, Okhuysen, & Perlow,

2001). She has to get acquainted with the foremen while learning their personalities and

underlying issues. She also will need board approval which involves Level 5 Leadership.

Discussion Part Two:

Some data is readily available but she needs to look at the data, p. 2 in terms of employee

Job descriptions, staffing objectives, p.3, hiring practices, p.4, which gives percentages that

can be tallied and made into a spread sheet of information.

Another survey of questions can be created using previous data analysis information that

Gaining a Deeper Understanding of the Problem

show a comparison or if any changes have been made. Those percentages can determine which

directions need to be taken for further improvements. It can also point out what worked...
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