deep sea living

Topics: City, Oceanography, Urban area Pages: 3 (991 words) Published: March 5, 2014

Our proposed topic was Deep Sea Future Living Challenges we researched and developed a design proposal in order to ease the transition between now and a time when the human race can properly inhabit the sea. I found this proposal realistic in a time when our world is changing rapidly due to climate change; 1.5 million icebergs are melting a year due to the water levels rising. We found out that in 1000 years Britain will be totally submerged in water. Our design proposal was to build a colossal island that would inhabit and support the population of at least two large cities. Initially only suggesting the creation of one of these structures, but as time goes on we proposed a need to build more as the sea levels rise and the human race is forced to seek refuge away from traditional land based environments and onto more sustainable habitats.

As a team we worked highly effectively and managed our time well. We regularly had meetings where we could discuss and debate the topic, as well as assign various aspects of the workload to one another. We also used social media to discus and share our findings, whilst also uploading revised versions of our work. This process of working allowed us to communicate over various platforms, producing a more creative approach to the research and the development of our idea. Everyone in the team produced work in time for deadlines which we had set as a group. I believe this worked so well due to documenting our discussions from our meetings through the use of social media. This then became a valuable source of ideas and criteria for our workload.

My main contribution to the project was the design proposal of the urban spaces on the island. For my secondary research I looked into existing man-made island homes to see how the urban areas on them could be developed further. From this initial research I observed that a lot of the urban spaces were designed for the uniqueness of being surrounded by water and to give the...
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