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I here by declare that the project report entitled “Customer loyalty of Titan watch in Surat city” submitted by me to Navnirman Institute of Management; Surat in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of the degree of BBA is a record of bonfide project work carried out by me under the guidance of Mrs. Mehul Ganjawala. I further declare that the work reported in this project has not been submitted and will not be submitted, either in part or in full, for the award of any other degree or diploma in this institute or any other institute or university.

Hiren Gajera

Date: 17/03/2015


As a part of the BBA Circulam and in order to gain practical Knowledge in the field of management, I am required to make a report on “customer loyalty of Titan watch in Surat city” The Basic Objective behind doing this project report is to get knowledge tools of different tools of marketing. In this project report I had included various concepts, effects and implications regarding satisfaction towards Titan Brands. Doing this Project report helped me to enhance my knowledge regarding the work in to the customer loyalty of Titan watch in Surat city.


It is my proud privilege to release the feelings of my gratitude to several persons who helped me directly or indirectly to conduct this research project work. I express my heart full in debt ness and owe a deep sense of gratitude to my teacher and my faculty guide mr. Mehul Ganjawala, Navnirman Institute of Management, for her sincere guidance and inspiration in completing this project.

I am extremely thankful to the Prof. Mehul Ganjawala and all faculties members of Navnirman Institute of Management for their coordination and cooperation and for their kind guidance and encouragement.

The study has indeed helped me to explore more...
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