Decisions/Conflict Resolution

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Decision making software Pages: 8 (3048 words) Published: May 27, 2006
Decision-making is an important process which can control individual's life, make or break an organization, and can be used to develop leadership in today's business world. To explain why decision-making process is important; an individual needs to understand team decision-making, ethical and effective decision making, conflict sources and solutions. Team Decision-Making

People work in teams because two or three heads is better than one. However, this is true if the team is working together. When team members do not work together it can bring uncertainty, disorder and confusion on the team. The cause of the team not working together most likely occurs due to miscommunication and understanding the skills of another person. There are different styles of decision making. The type of a decision styles might be different from one team member to another. Having variety of different decision styles on your team can make your team stronger. However, it can also stump the team due to numerous methods provided by the team member to solve the problem. Understanding your style of decision making is necessary before joining the team. Shelia Porter in her Team Decision Making article suggests asking yourself the following questions: "Members should ask themselves the following: How quickly do I make decisions? Do I prefer to take my time and gather a lot of information before I make a decision, or do I prefer to decide matters quickly?" (Shelia P., 2003). To work together towards timely decision and completion of the project or assignment, each team member should be familiar with other team member's skills. Each team member should also respect other person points of view. A few people on your team might have different ideas on how they want the project to look which can present a road block for completing the project on time. These types of different problems should be addressed early on. Before starting on the project with your team members, understand how each member can contribute towards the project as not everyone has the same work habits and inclinations. It is a good idea early on to set the following guidelines that includes - timeline, tasks that must be completed and priorities. Everyone should be working towards final goal which is finishing the project on time. If at anytime the team is not working together, a team should revisit their goals, timeline team charter so there is no confusion. (Shelia P., 2003). On some teams you may end up with one or two people that do not ask questions, share their opinions or seek for clarity. Having a member on your team like that can lead the team in the wrong direction. This type of team member will go with whatever the group will decide and not speak up thinking that their ideas are not appropriate or wrong. There are different ways to encourage the team to value other opinions and allow others to participate: •The team is all about diversity. Having people that think differently is not a bad thing. It is better to have people give you wacky ideas than nothing at all. You should respect others perspectives. •Some people are in the box. They cannot see other ideas besides the one that is in their own box. The information that is giving by the team member "in the box" is very limited. Pay attention to other team member's opinions which will bring diversity to decision making process. •Brainstorm for ideas for a couples of minutes with the team members. During the brainstorming session set expectations that all the ideas are great ideas and none are wrong or inappropriate. It gives ability for people to feel save and to participate. Write all the ideas down on the white board or piece of paper. Once all the ideas are out this is when whole team should start filtering, categorizing and evaluating each idea. At the end the team members will see that the final outcome came from the team as a whole and not from one or two people on the team. •Try to challenge the decision that...
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