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1.1The ARB Apex Bank2








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The Association of Rural Banks (ARB)
In 1981 the 30 existing rural banks formed the ARB, with the support of the BoG, to serve as a forum for rural banks. The association has nine regional chapters. Initially, the ARB’s functions were primarily to provide training to different target groups. This role has been mostly taken over by the Apex Bank since its formation, however. The ARB continues to be responsible for providing Code of Conduct training for rural bank directors. The ARB played a key role in the formation of the Apex Bank. Although it was initially proposed that the ARB should cease to exist once the Apex Bank was formed, it was later decided that the ARB should continue to function, focusing primarily on advocacy with the government and conflict resolution among its members.

1.1The ARB Apex Bank

The Apex Bank emerged as a result of the rural banks’ felt the need for an institution that could provide financial, managerial, and technical support. It was first recommended by a study commissioned jointly by the World Bank, the BoG, and the ARB in 1996. The study recommended setting up an institution similar to the Rabobank in the Netherlands. A subsequent feasibility study conducted in 1998 concluded that an apex bank could be financially viable, and the ARB Apex Bank was incorporated in 2000 as a public limited liability company with rural banks as shareholders. It was licensed in 2001 and started operations in July 2002. The Apex Bank currently operates from its head office in Accra and through its six branch offices spread across Ghana. The first managing director, Emmanuel K. Kwapong, came from the commercial banking sector with more than 30 years of experience in Barclays Bank and served in this role for six years. Eric Osei-Bonsu, who took over as managing director, had been president of the ARB. As of 2007, the Apex Bank had a staff of 149. The Apex Bank board, consisting of 13 members. The board comprises nine representatives FIG 2.2 ISSUE LOG REGISTER MODEL. 1

from the regional chapters; one each from the ARB, the BoG, and the MoFEP; and the managing director of the Apex Bank.


The Apex Bank provides the following services to the rural banks: 1. C heck clearing: The Apex Bank offers check-clearing services to the rural banks through the 11 clearing centers it operates across Ghana. This service played a critical role in making rural banks’ checks as acceptable as checks from other financial institutions. The bank is currently participating in the automated clearing house with a computerized system that uses scanned check images. This system replaces the earlier system of manual check clearing. 2. Specie supply: Although the Apex Bank was initially fully responsible for the physical supply of specie to the rural banks, it has now moved to providing this service on a need basis. Most rural banks now use their own bullion vehicles to obtain cash from the Apex Bank branches. The role of the Apex Bank is now primarily to maintain adequate specie supply in collaboration with the BoG and, if necessary, to provide loans to the RCBs to purchase bullion vans. 3. Treasury management: The Apex Bank provides brokerage services to the RCBs to purchase and rediscount Treasury bills and bonds, purchase Apex certificates of deposit, and pay interest on clearing account balances.

4. Loan fund mobilization: The Apex Bank also facilitates RCBs’ access to...
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