Decision Making Tool Paper

Topics: Decision theory, Decision making, Decision engineering Pages: 3 (1099 words) Published: February 17, 2006
Decision-Making Tool Paper
Jay Dowle
University of Phoenix
CSS/330-Critical Thinking, Decision Making and Computer Logic Richard Renhsan
November 2, 2005

Decision-Making Tool Paper
In decision-making, the approach to making a decision can vary as much as the processes themselves. One must choose a process that suits him or her in helping to come to a well-formed and desirable result. Over the years, I admit that I have not used these processes as defined in my readings for this class, but I have made the decision to use some of the examples in the future. I realize that I may be better off in applying them in my everyday life as needed. I explained in my last individual paper my use of an organizational chart. I might have been better served to explain it as a tree diagram. Therefore, I have decided for this paper to use a proven more recognizable tool in decision-making. I have chosen to use the PMI decision-making tool as my example. PMI is a proven decision-making tool that can be useful in everyday situations in the business world and in personal life. I will explain what the process is and what one hopes to accomplish by its use.

PMI stands for 'Plus/Minus/Implications'. It is a valuable improvement to the 'weighing pros and cons' technique used for centuries. The PMI technique requires the use of a chart developed in 1992 by Edward De Bono, an author and business consultant. PMI Charts are a type of grid or matrix where a person examines a Plus, minus or Implications related to a decision. One must realize that before using PMI, you should know whether its use would make the scenario better. There may be an instance where no action is needed. The PMI tool will help you to realize this. states, to use PMI, draw up a table headed up with: 'Plus', 'Minus', and 'Implications'. In the column underneath 'Plus', write down all the positive results of taking the action. Underneath 'Minus' write down all the negative effects. In...

References: Mind Tools, 1995-2004, PMI Weighing the Pros and Cons of a
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