Decision Making Tool

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Decision Making Tool
Decision-making is whereby an individual makes a choice from among several available options. The decision that is made has to be logical so that benefits can be derived from the decision (Nutt and Wilson 7). Personal decision making topic

The topic selected is one that many international university students face today, the topic for this decision making process is “ to go to school or not” this decision is critical since it highly shapes the future of students and in this case Mark. Decision making tool

The decision making tool for this study is the ‘SWOT analysis’. The process will involve a critical analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that Mark has on a daily basis. As an analytical tool, SWOT analysis has proven to be a true measure of possibilities in the modern world leading to quality choices at an individual and organizational level (Job). Mark has a well-defined set of all the above elements.

Application of decision-making tool

The strengths (Internal factor) that Mark has are high intellect and good understanding at Science (especially Math) subjects. These strong points will enable mark to comprehend whatever is taught in class. Mark will hence be at an advantage as compared to other students. The strengths give a competitive edge that can be used to generate above average returns (Griffin 6). Because English is not his first language, hence the weaknesses (internal factor) that Mark has are poor writing and limit verbal communication skills and hence negative attitude towards education.

However, Mark has opportunities (external factor). These opportunities come in the form of financially stable parents and a very conducive learning environment. Basing on the facts it is clear that Mark can easily enroll for postgraduate studies after he is done with college. The fact that he has well to do parents expands...

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