Decision Making Processes

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Jorey Meerding: 10043942

Class: 3CE-B

Year 3, block 2 

Teacher: R. M. Santalla 

01 February 2013

The Hague


This analytical research paper examines the consumer decision making process out of different views and perspectives and discusses different types of influences that can have an effect on the decision making process. 

Over the years various types of decision models been made. Although every model has a different or even conflicting view/perspective on the decision making process, each model adds value in gaining insight in the decision making process of the consumer. However, some theories are more relevant than the other.

Although every model has its disadvantages, a lot can be learned from them. For a marketer it is important to know that the purchase funnel is more complicated then a traditional linear model describes. In addition, the marketer must also consider new factors when using the funnel in a modern context (such as the internet and social media). Moreover it's important for a marketer to understand the trigger which causes a customer to start the purchasing process and the marketer needs to realize that his brand is just one of theproducts which the consumer is considering as part of their 'short list' What is important is to identify the key stages in your funnel and decide how you can maximize the chance of progression towards a sale. 

Table of contents

1) The consumer decision making process in different perspectives 3

2) Conclusion and recommendation 8

Bibliography 9

1) The consumer decision making process in different perspectives

Subject: consumer decision making

Writer: Jorey Meerding

Student number: 10043942 


Every day, people form impressions of brands from touch points such as advertisements, commercials, social media, conversations with family and friends, and product experiences. Although a lot of these impressions and exposures appear to be wasted, are there multiple touch points that do are attractive enough to influence the buying process of the consumer. These triggers become crucial because they form the construction of the so-called ‘initial-consideration set’; a small number of brands that consumers see as potential purchasing options.

For years, these triggers have been seen as a part of a funnel, which companies try to influence with marketing related activities. The funnel illustrates the journey towards the purchase of a product or service and gives marketers specific information about the decision making process of their target group(s).

The decision making process is closely connected with the choice process, which serves as a funnel in which many alternatives will be narrowed down from many to a few. Within the decision making process, several choices could be made from the options that are available. Therefore, it can be concluded that the choice process is a part of decision-making. 

In the existing literature a variety of models have been proposed to explain the mechanism that leads to the final choice. The ones that are most important will be discussed in this paper.

The role of the funnel

Each year, marketers pay more and more attention in gaining insight in the decision making process of their target group. Gaining insight in a funnel provides a method of understanding and helps a marketer tracking the behaviour of an average customer throughout the decision making process. The purchase funnel can be used to guide the marketing communications strategy and canlead the start of a customer relationship-marketing (CRM) programme. By...

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