Decision Making Models

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According to a website by “Wisegeek,” Decision making models fall into two general categories defined as rational decision making models or intuitive decision making models. Likewise Decision making models are used to help come to a conclusion. Coming to a conclusion one must have a good judgement. Each of these models is used to help problem solve and come to an exact conclusion.

I learned that rational decision making models are based around the pros and cons of your options. The rational decision making model is used by selecting the most coherent and levelheaded options while throwing out those that are not reasonable or illogical. This model requires a lot of time and groundwork as it has six steps that must be followed in order to achieve success. According to a website by “Decision-Making-Confidence” the six steps of a rational decision making model is: define the situation and the desired outcome

research and identify options
compare and contrast each alternative and its consequences
make a decision / choose an alternative
design and implement an action plan
evaluate results
The rational decision making model greatly reminds me of the model we as a leadership class were using a couple days ago while we as a class were discussing the pros and cons to each of the committees that were going to be formed and eliminating those that did not make sense or should not require a committee for or if it simply was not important to the class or school.

The uses of the rational decision model is to reasonable decisions to help get to a goal set within the group or just oneself. It teaches those who do not know how to make good decision make good ones by also allowing them to make the good decision in a visual way which sometimes can be more beneficial to someone than just thinking about it and making a decision. In my opinion, this model is better for groups rather than one person because it allows you to see multiple options rather than one....
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