Decision-Making Model Analysis Paper

Topics: Decision making, Sustainability, Critical thinking Pages: 5 (1521 words) Published: June 27, 2007
Decision-Making Model Analysis Paper
Hal E. Bat
University Of Phoenix
Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision-Making
Daryl Korinek
Jan 06, 2006

Decision-Making Model Analysis Paper
In order to master critical thinking, the ability to question information and solve problems must be present. The crucial steps that lead to successful decision-making is not based solely on our skills and abilities, but on the strategies that help us get there. All these steps combined allow us to make solid and intelligent decisions. Research on understanding how the mind works is a continuing project at best, but the progress we have made is substantial in the areas of understanding problem-solving and decision-making. This paper will discuss the method(s) used, where they are applied, what role critical thinking plays, and the impact these decisions make.

Decision-Making Models
Through research, methods have developed that not only show people how to make decisions, but advice that will help to improve the skills already in place. We call these methods models. There are models designed with specific industries or individuals in mind. For instance, models based through observation or experiments (empirical research)(Simon, 1986, para6) allow such tasks as interpreting oil-well drilling logs. Using a model that centers on financial gains would not be as beneficial to the field engineer who must make a decision to continue drilling or to relocate his drilling equipment to another location, as a financial-based method would be to a CEO. Research has shown that different models are developed and made with specific groups, areas, or individuals in mind. Where decision-making is crucial, choosing the most efficient model will prove to be the first important step. I work in an industry where making poor decisions can affect many avenues of daily life, from the quality of the air we breathe to the purity of the water we drink. Riordan is a company that is built on innovated technology. All technology makes use of research and development and Riordan is no exception. For every tool, software or drilling bit developed, research and testing are involved. Electronics and engineering specialists conduct the beginning tests, which are confined to labs, but the final stages will be conducted out on the test field where actual drilling and logging is performed. Some tools are simple and contain no harmful material, but others contain impressive ingredients like "gyros' and "radiation," so safety to humans and to our environment is the utmost of importance to Riordan. How do we achieve this? That is where Decision-making and Evaluation for Environmental Policy will lend a hand. The model to create such a plan has three steps (EPA/NSF, n.d.): •Methodological Innovations and Improvement

•Advances in Understanding Values and Perceptions Relevant in Environmental Decision-making •Procedural Innovations and Improvements in Environmental Decision-making The first step, Methodological Innovations and Improvement, involves an analytic approach. To do this one must divide into basic principles other models and analyze their effectiveness towards environmental decision, improving areas such as assessment and correctly evaluating the consequences of regulations/ non-regulations and/or making tradeoffs with other methods and assessing the affects a product has on the environmental. The second step, Advances in Understanding and Perceptions Relevant in Environmental Decision-making, must include: •research to identify and examine behavioral

•social and institutional factors that influence the development, implementation, acceptance, and evaluation of environmental policies Better understanding of these factors is necessary in order to improve and to lessen the publics' fear of drilling for natural resources like oil and gas. The third and last step is Procedural Innovations and Improvements in Environmental...

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