Decision Making Model

Topics: Decision support system, Decision theory, Decision making Pages: 3 (569 words) Published: January 25, 2015
Derrick Anderson
A decision-making models verbally demonstrates a method used for making team decisions. Rational, intuitive, combinations, and decision support systems are the four models used to make team decisions. These models are used every day when making group decisions. The methods chose by those groups are based on the personalities of the members in the group.

The rational decision making method is the method that is more frequently than the others, it is the most rational method. The method of rationality requires processing ideas and the possible outcomes. The rational method requires reasoning and actions based on deep thought. To perform this method one must be mentally thrived. If the team consists of extremely analytic members then the rational method is the best choice. Intuitive is the second type of decision making model. The intuitive method is merely based on intuition, there is no thought process put into using this method. It is more of a gut feeling, it is acting on feelings not thoughts. More of one thinks they know, than of what they actually know. If the team thrives on eccentricity then the intuitive method is the best method for the team.

The third type of decision making is the combination of both the rational and intuitive method. This method can be premeditated or done obstinately. The rational portion of this method is when one has thoroughly analyzed the situation. But when the end result is unsatisfactory and does not feel right, this intuitive portion. If the team consists of members that are analytic and eccentric then the combination method is the best method.

The decision support systems is the final type of decision making models. Decision support systems is the evidence to back up the decision. It can be anything from a simple graph to organize data visually to intricate data systems. If the team consists of members that will only make decisions based on facts to back it up then the decision...
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