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• outline the stages of the decision-making process and the tasks required in each . • explain and give examples of DECISION MODLE in your company (for example: programmed and non-programmed )
• what kind of models might be more convenient for the company you study. Contrast rational,administrative,political and garbage can decision models. • Give 4 examples of common sources of potential bias in decisions for your company I.

The stages of the decision-making process consists of eight steps:

1.identify problem :analyze existing condition and desired condition 2.identify decision criteria: line out each important and relevant criteria after careful consideration
3.weight the criteria: give the important criterion a highest weight(for example: using a weight of 10) and then assign the weights to the rest.
4.develop alternative: list viable alternatives
5.analyze alternatives: multiply each alternative by assigned weight in step 2 and then get the sum of weighted criteria, alternative: choose the highest score in step 5
7.implement alternative: put the decision into action by conveying it to those affected and

getting their commitment to it.
8.evaluate decision effectiveness: evaluate the outcome or result of the decision to see

whether the problem was resolved.


Programmed and nonprogrammed decision

programmed decision is made in structure problem(standardized routine) which the manager relies on one of three types of programmed decisions: procedure, rule, or policy. nonprogrammed decision is a decision which a manager must make a decision that is unique to the situation and results in a tailored solution. Nonprogrammed decisions generally take longer to make because of all the variables an individual must weigh.

Compare and contrast programmed and nonprogrammed decision-making in organizations and give two realistic business examples of each of these two types of decision-making.

Programmed decision are decisions that...
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