Decision Making: It’s Not What You Think

Topics: Decision making, Cognition, Decision theory Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: April 21, 2012
Article Review – Decision Making: It’s not what you think
1.Briefly summarize the article. What is the main point or key concept in the article and how do you think it affects you as a current or future employee?
The articles I read were Primal Leadership, Becoming the Boss and Decision Making: It’s not what you think. I decided to review the article Decision Making: It’s not what you think. The article discusses three models of decision making in “thinking first”, “seeing first” and “doing first”. The thinking first model is the decision process known as the rational decision model. This process has identified steps that the decision maker must work through. The seeing first model suggest that the decision maker acts on insight or what is seen before making a decision while the doing first model is when the decision maker cannot see or think about the decision process.

The article is informative in pointing out there are different ways that managers make decisions. Not all decisions use the same process and there are different models to use in making those decisions. The article points out those managers that can use all three models tend to improve the quality of their decision (Mintzberg & Westley, 2001). As a seasoned manager, it is reassuring and informative to understand the different models of the decision process. It formalizes what we do and gives us tools to use in our decision process.

2.How might the information in this article influence you as a current or potential manager? How does the article prompt you to think or behave in a different manner or in new ways?
When I started out as a manager, over ten years ago, it was not a role in which I had any formal training nor was a position I thought I wanted. I was a high performing supervisor in which I had taken on increasing responsibilities over the years. When the opportunity came I accepted to be a manager over a section. The article reinforces and formalizes the...

References: Mintzberg, H., & Westley, F. (2001). Decision Making: It’s not what you think. MIT Sloan Management Review, 89-93.
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