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Everyday Decision Maker

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Everyday Decision Maker

Emotional responses are a part of a person. How we respond or prepare for things, such as crises, is dependent on the person. We would still assign a major role to anticipated emotional responses in the evaluation of the value or utility (either decision utility or experienced utility) of an outcome of a course of action; people usually try to predict how they will feel about an outcome and use that anticipated feeling to evaluate and then decide (Hastie 2001). Chesley Sullenberger decision and emotional calm saved 150 passengers and his crew from panicking and taking a bad situation to a dangerous situation.

Chesley Sullenberger landed a plan with no engines in the Hudson River with remarkable calm domineer. Sullenberger spent his life flying planes and studying the psychological impact of crisis’s and crews. The day came when he was able to take what he knew and use it. Because of his calm reaction to the crisis of the plane not working he saved lives and kept people from panicking and making bad decisions. "This is someone who has not just spent his life flying airplanes, but has actually dug very deeply into what makes these things work, and I think he proved it," said Robert Bea, a civil engineer who has known Sullenberger for a year (Associated Press 2009).

Sullenberger’s emotional responses to the crisis kept it to minimum. He was prepared for if this should every happen and executed what he learned and what he was prepared for as this is something that any pilot could undergo. If he had not been prepared the outcome of this crisis could have been different. Due to being a distinguished pilot and having study psychological impact helped him keep the crisis down if he had been a less experienced pilot and have not studied the emotional crisis response the people and the plane may have not landed safely in the water. If Sullenberger was less experienced and...

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