Decision Making Based on Mission and Vision of an Organization

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Decision Making Based on Mission and Vision of an Organization

In the course text, read the case study at the bottom of page 230. Write a 3-5 page paper on what could be a mission or vision of the Community Medical Center that would guide the president in his decision about the case of an operating room nurse who may have HIV/AIDS. What could be the decision and how will the decision be communicated to the physicians, employees, to the board, and the public.

The thought of a healthcare worker with a positive human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) diagnosis sounds risk laden for someone who is undereducated on virus transmission risks. As a leader in a healthcare facility, it is imperative the president of Community Medical Center dispel the fears within his hospital and community in a quick and efficient manner. The president of Community Medical Center will need to focus on a vision statement first to assist this hospital in striving to become an inclusive, nondiscriminatory environment. Due to the prejudice and fear exhibited by the surgeons, the hospital mission statement is either inadequate or unheeded. The hospital could use this vision statement to guide them along the right path: The vision of Community Medical Center is to be a leader in quality, patient-centered care in an inclusive environment that embraces the principle of zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination. After the chaos calms, they will need to revise their mission statement to include their innovative values and beliefs. The president has not been afforded the opportunity to use a willful choice model in this hasty decision making process. His decisions and consequent action plan will be swift because the chief of surgery is creating a rebellious atmosphere. As the misinformation spreads through the operating room and into the hospital, the number of staff affected will increase exponentially. The chief of surgery is currently role modeling inequality and insularity. Attributable...

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