Decision Making and Correct Answer

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1. Will is a high school guy who finally got the courage to ask his crush, Christine, out on a date. The night went really well, and Will felt like he was on top of the world. But when Monday came, Christine did not sit by him at lunch. Will thought, "What did I do? Did she not like the restaurant we went to?" Will has just demonstrated:

*c. Personalization

2. Common mistakes of interpretation, such as personalization and catastrophizing, are all linked to:

*c. Fundamental Attribution Error

3. Which of the following is an example of Fundamental Attribution Error?

*d. Caleb is late to his first meeting because his car broke down, and Caleb's boss concludes that Caleb is not punctual when he first walks in.

4. It is important for managers to balance managerial authority and team member autonomy. Which of the following is true about a typical team?

*b. Mangers have the latitude to make some decisions without consulting the

5. The major conclusion from the Asch studies was:

*a. Groups have a significant influence over individual members

6. Katherine's project team is extremely cohesive; it has become a norm to cooperate and agree with one another. Although Katherine disagrees with some of the influential members in the group who have decided that they do not need to conduct interviews as part of their data collection, she doesn't question their decision. As a result, the group falls prey to:

*c. groupthink

7. Peter is working for a publishing company that works mainly on children's books. His team is working on a storyboard for a new book. One member suggests that it would be a good idea to introduce a children's book on sexual education for the second grade level. Before Peter can say anything, one member excitedly starts to draft a story while two others offer to work on character development, and a final member begins work on the cover art. This scenario is an example of:

*a. Group polarization
b. Shared information bias
c. Confirmation bias
d. Escalation of commitment

8. Fear of being challenged for speaking up will most likely lead to:

a. Group polarization
b. Overconfidence
*c. Shared information bias
d. Escalation of commitment

9. Zoe is leading a sales team for a jewelry company. The group has attempted to open more stores in shopping malls, but what little stores they have opened have not been very profitable. Zoe decides to request a larger budget to pursue more space in shopping malls. Zoe is demonstrating:

*a. Escalation of commitment
b. Overconfidence
c. Confirmation bias
d. Ingroup/outgroup bias

10. After taking this class, you know that the most effective leaders:

a. discourage deviant opinions
*b. encourage deviant opinions
c. play the role of the designated deviant
d. When did we learn about deviants this semester?

11. The orientation phase of group decision making begins with:

a. brainstorming as many solutions to the problem as possible b. critically evaluating and reflecting upon decisions
*c. clearly defining the problem
d. getting to know your team members

12. A professional NBA basketball has just retired from the game and decides to start a sports bar. The basketball player's status as a former NBA star is an example of a:

*b. Diffuse status characteristic
13. Which of the following is not one of the seven steps in Pfeffer's (1992) model for applying power dynamics?

a. Predict what individuals' points of view are likely to be; how will they feel about what they are trying to do? b. Determine what external power bases you will contend with which of them will have the most influence in the decision? c. Determine which of the various strategies and tactics for exercising power are most appropriate; which are likely to be effective, given the situation you confront? *d. None of the above

14. Who would be considered to have high status in an...
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