Decision Making Analysis Discussion Sum

Topics: Decision making, Risk, Anne M. Mulcahy Pages: 4 (382 words) Published: December 8, 2014

Decision Making Analysis Discussion Summary
Enid Thomas
MGT/230 Management Theory and Practice
October 6, 2014
Dr. Laura Foxx
Decision Making Analysis Discussion Summary

Decision-making and problem-solving are closely linked for business and life. Deciding to relocate or purchasing an item is a simple decision; however saving a corporation requires more complex analysis strategic planning. As a CEO, effectively making an overall sound decision in business requires a mixture of skills such as leadership, the ability to be creative and developing options along with team cooperation. Becoming the first women CEO of Xerox Anne Mulcahy would face many difficult challenges and decisions in an effort to save the corporation from bankruptcy. Xerox was on the verge of bankruptcy due to unethical accounting practices and declining sales. Anne Mulcahy following the company vision of developing new technology to keep up with the ever changing digital innovation of imaging systems. The decision to produce less expensive consumer products was risky; however this freed up capital to purchase Global imaging systems. Anne Mulcahy changed Xerox company direction from a copiers and printers only corporation to competing with brands from Cannon to Hewlett Packer. "I certainly hadn't been groomed to become a CEO," Mulcahy said. "I didn't have a very sophisticated financial background, and I had to make up for my lack of formal training. I had to make up for it with intense on-the-job learning." After discussing the CEO Destination Video with my fellow teammate (Tika), we agreed in a male orientated industry such as corporate seeing a woman raise to the level of CEO was refreshing. Anne Mulcahy demonstrated courage, strength and how to effectively turn around an organization from bankruptcy by strategically devising a bold plan for recovery by structuring the profitability of Xerox. The work Anne Mulcahy accomplished would later land her on the 2005...

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