Decision Making Analysis

Topics: Decision making, Risk, Decision theory Pages: 3 (523 words) Published: February 20, 2015

Decision Making Analysis
Gary Stone
February 9, 2015
Dr. Erica Richmond
Decision Making Analysis
The decision making process that Anne Mulcahy followed save Xerox in my opinion. The company was at the brink of bankruptcy and the longtime employee, now turned president and CEO made great strides to prevent that from happening. After viewing the video, and collaborating with my group, I agree that Anne did an excellent job with Xerox and patched all the holes in the sinking ship. One of my teammates wrote that lack of structure, uncertainty of risk, and conflict were all problems that Anne had to deal with. I agree with the findings whole heartedly. The lack of structure left the company falling apart, and also caused irregularities within the accounting department. With the company struggling, there was no way for Anne to understand what she had to do right away, so she just went to work. There were two options she was looking at. The first was closing the doors, or the second was trying to do the right thing and still having a possibility of closing the doors. All this diversity she was looking at still didn’t stop her from reacting. The conflict she had to deal with was being told that she couldn’t save the company and should just close the doors, but she didn’t like that option and went to work at correcting what she could. She made some hard decisions by shutting down a project that she designed herself, as well as cutting jobs around the company. She also took the approach to talk to the trade commission by herself to discuss the irregularities of the books. My team members and I also agree that she took the six steps of decision making to heart. She had a mission and set a plan and moved forward from that plan. She put all the right people and tools in place to save her company. The other key to her success was that she still put money into research and development. This was probably the one thing that saved the...
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