Decision Making

Topics: Decision making, Decision making software, Decision theory Pages: 3 (470 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Decision Making Process

Tara Wagner


April 1, 2013

George DeMetropolis

I can honestly say that most of the decisions that I have made over the years have been

spur of the moment. I was never really that great at planning out any of my decisions that I

made. Most of the spur of the moment decision that I have made turned out to be the right

decisions at the time. One of my biggest decisions was joining the US Navy, which was a life

changing decision.

I did use most of the decision making process discussed in chapter 3 of the text book

except for the first step. Generating alternative solutions is the second step of the process which

involved me making two avenues to go down. One was joining the military and the second one

would have been community college for nursing. If I could not join the military my alternative

solution would have been community college.

The third step of the decision making process is evaluating alternatives. Evaluating

community college I would have had to take out student loans because I could not afford to pay

for my tuition. That would have put me in debt before I even really started my life and that is not

an avenue that I wanted to take. So I tried my hardest to qualify to enlist into the military if it

was the last thing I did.

The fourth step in the decision making process is to make the choice. The choice I was

going to make was a no brainer. The only thing is that I had to bring my parents into the decision

making process as well. I was only seventeen years old and to enlist by myself I had to be

eighteen years old. After explaining why I wanted to join my parents agreed with me. The

military would eventually pay for my education on top of having a steady pay check and do what

I always wanted to do travel.

The fifth step in the decision making process is implementing the...

References: Bateman, T. S., & Snell, S. A. (2011). Management: Leading & collaborating in a competitive world (9 th ed.) 3, 89-95.
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