Decision Making

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Decision-Making Process Paper
Jamie Thomas
December 10, 2012

Decision-Making Process Paper
A decision is a choice between two or more alternatives; if there is only one alternative there is no need to make a decision. The decision-making process has six stages. The stages of decision-making process consist of the following: 1. Identifying and diagnosing the problem

2. Generating alternative solutions
3. Evaluating alternative solutions
4. Making the choice
5. Implementing the decision
6. Evaluating the decision
I believe that one of the biggest decisions that my wife and I had to make was deciding to relocate the family to the military base or stay in our home in Virginia. This was a huge situation for our family that needed to be addressed before making any decisions. My wife and I listed all the pros and cons of moving with her to the base and staying in our home in Virginia. Pros| Cons|

Keeping the kids in a familiar place.| Not having my wife at home.| Being able to keep my job.| Trying to find a new job when reaching the base.| Not having to rush to sell the house at a reduced price.| Running the household without the assistance of my wife.|

After my wife and I identified and diagnosed the problem, we decided to think of all possible choices that we can chose from that would be best for our family. After my wife and I made the decision that I would stay in Virginia with our children, we set down and had a long discussion with our children. In the discussion with our children we advised them we would be staying in Virginia while mom goes to her duty station. I think that my wife and I did a good job in preparing our children for life without mom for a while. Our children knew what their responsibilities would be and what was expected from them.

I think in making my decision to relocate my family was a little similar to the decision making process steps that I was discussed in the book. My...
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