Decision Analysis Task 1 Wgu

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Decision Analysis
Task 1- Tara Johnson

A. In order to improve the current workflow in the plant, I recommend using the work stations layout tool whether through the Excel or POM program. This will help to show a clearer picture of the work flow that is present at Shuzworld, with allotting equal times in each work station. This will enable the company to find the shortest time to be used in each station for optimal performance and production of all shoes. Decision Analysis has been established to advance theory, application, and teaching of all aspects of decision-making methods. 1. When it comes to beginning to make decisions for any business, almost everyone can feel uncertainty and fear. The more information given, then the most likely the decisions made are the right ones. This includes being able to trade off the values of certain outcomes against its probability. Data shows the truest form of the information given. The knowledge changes from data to information, from information to facts, and lastly from facts to knowledge. The entire decision making process is done under uncertainty and immeasurable variables. Values and numbers become much easier for people to use and understand. Once the numbers and circumstances are in place, the true analysis can begin. Using the work cell method, the company can have the following advantages: (1) reduced work in progress inventory, (2) less floor space use, (3) reduced raw material and finished goods inventory, (4) reduced labor costs, (5) more employee participation, (6) increased equipment and machinery use, and (7) reduced investment in machinery and equipment. Therefore, the chart and graph below shows the recommendation of 5 work stations, instead of the 8 that are currently being used:

2B, C9
4E, F, G10

StationTaskTime (minutes)Time left (minutes)Ready tasksAssgnd stat work time A
1A100B & C10
2B & C91D9
3D82E & F & G8
4E & F & G100H10
Summary Statistics
Maximum cycle time10minutes
Time needed (sum of task times)46minutes/unit
Min (theoretical) # of stations5
Actual # of stations5

Results below based on Act cycle time

Time allocated (cycle time * # stations)50minutes/cycle Idle time (allocated-needed)4minutes/cycle
Efficiency (needed/allocated)92%
Balance Delay (1-efficiency)8%


The five work cell layout offers, at the most, 10 minutes per station (some with even less), with the total cycle time of 46 minutes. Task A starts the cycle with a time of 10 minutes. Next comes Task B & C, totaling time of 9 minutes. Then comes Task D, needing 8 minutes total time. Next is Task E, F, & G, with a total time of 10 minutes. Then finally Task H, needing 9 minutes. Two of these workstations require more than 1 task, therefore, those employees in those stations will need to be cross trained to perform multiple tasks. This will help to ensure the production keeps moving in a timely and efficient manner, more equally. This can also help to ensure the most cost efficient production line as well. i. I have chosen this decision analysis tool by imputing the performance times for each task given of A through H and the sequence requirements into an assembly line balancing tool to perform an analysis to determine the proper number of stations and the most efficient workflow possible. The analysis tool calculated that the number of workstations needed was 5. Total station task time needed was 10 minutes and the time needed per cycle was 46 minutes. These calculations gave this process an efficiency of 100.00%. This decision tool was selected to help achieve a higher efficiency of production and a possible reduction in production floor space. A properly balanced line will increase throughput and lower...

References: Heizer, J., & Render, B. (2010). Operations management (10th ed.). NewJersey:
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