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Topics: Decision theory, Management, Decision making Pages: 1 (262 words) Published: September 24, 2013
Daymon Mart is a small grocery business owned by Rowell Rivera. It is located at #54 Benefits St. Baranangay Sangadaan, Quezon City. The business is serving their customers for about 13 years using manual and traditional processes. The business have four employees, the head cashier or the supervisor, the cashier, the bagger and a product merchandizer. The business is getting their supplies at Sayong Inc., The head cashier or the supervisor is the one assigned in receiving and enlisting all the product supplies received from the supplier. The head cashier counts the number of supplies based on its receipts. The merchandizer displays the products. Then, the customers will pay the products they will going to buy to the cashier. For the past years, the business encounters different kinds of problem such as the cashier do not have an accurate computations of balance and income, the cashier cannot void the products, the supervisor lately notice that there are lack of stocks display.

Currently, organizations are in the race for enhancing their capability in order to survive in the competitions of the new century local or global market. Therefore, organizations are attempting to advance their agility level by improving the decision making process to be more efficient and highly effective to meet the successive fluctuations of the market. In an effort to achieve this, many modern organizations, either mid or large sized, have concerned with a cycle of progressive investments in and adopted new management information systems components. During last decade, a high percentage of financial organizations frequently used Management Information Systems to facilitate their organization.
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