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Topics: Ten Commandments, Animal Farm, Nineteen Eighty-Four Pages: 3 (794 words) Published: July 29, 2013
4. How does Orwell compare Animal Farm under Napoleon’s leadership, to its exploited state under Farmer Jones’s rule? What attitude about totalitarian government do you think Orwell conveys?

I believe Orwell is trying to show that under Napoleon's leadership, the animals' life are still as bad as what they were living like under Jone's rule. He conveys the message that a totalitarian government is not good as it brings a lot of internal problems. I would think that Orwell is trying to convey the message that having a totalitarian government is not good, as it may bring or cause more trouble.

5. Do you think it’s fair that those who are more educated or more skilled—like the pigs in Animal Farm—have more influence in decision making? Consider how decisions are made in your community, state, or in the nation.

I do think it is fair to some extent, but unfair to certain extent. It is fair as those who are more educated would make more proper decisions than those who did not receive as much education or more educated than them. However, I would think that it is unfair to a certain extent as those who are not as educated also have their rights to make decisions; have their freedom in the process of decision-making.

What is your reaction to the novel’s ending? For example, do you find it uplifting, depressing, cynical? Explain.

I would find it rather depressing, as the animals' hopes are dashed of having a free life. Although they think they are free and they work for themselves, they are actually working for the pigs. It is quite saddening for the animals, it is like they have been betrayed. Therefore, I find it rather depressing.

Analyzing Literature
Recall and Interpret

1. What dealings does Napoleon have with Frederick and Pilkington? How does the battle over the windmill affect the animals? What events from Soviet history is Orwell highlighting?

Napoleon was selling timber to either Frederick or Pilkington, whomever paid the most to him....
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