Culture EssayOnes Culture Can Affect

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Culture Essay

Ones culture can affect the way they see another person culture. We live in an extremely judgmental society and culture. Many times we view another culture for something much worse than they actually are.

Some people view an individual person a special way for something that happened in the past, that the person had no control over, like in the “Indians fathers plea” Wind Wolf wanted to play with a friend at school, so they went to ask the boy’s mother and she said “Because you are Indians and we are white I don’t want my kids growing up with kind of people”. The other child’s mother is saying that the history between the two cultures have had violent confrontations in the past. Her past cultural experiences have had her preserve a culture a different way that what they really are. Hoy you see someone’s culture can also be affected by the media of your own culture. In the story “When Worlds Collide” by: Pico Iyer , Immigrants who are coming to America for the first time are flying into L.A.X. with the thought in their mind that L.A is going to be beautiful and clean with freedom everywhere and people all over greeting them and being extremely kind because of” images they brought over from Cops and Terminator 2” but in reality It’s not super clean in fact the air is quite smoggy and unclean, along with restrictions everywhere. So in the first few minutes they already at a place this is completely different from their own country but oddly similar. They were led astray from what they perceived our culture to be because of their own cultures media. Some people say that cultures have no impact on the way we perceive other cultures, but from my experience our culture is extremely judgmental in the way we treat some other cultures. Take for instance Russia; our media along with other sources blast them for invading Ukraine. Our culture perceives their culture way differentially than how some other people in the...
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