Culture and Society

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Cultural differences between American society today and Greek culture during the time of The Odyssey may seem very different, but really are not. Society as well as culture alters over time based on different beliefs that may be introduced through time. Some cultures have not changed much through time because they are isolated from other cultures. Others have changed because of immigration or emigration. You can find several different cultures throughout a small community. The biggest changes happen overtime. An example of society and culture changes would be the difference from The Odyssey until today. The Odyssey has several differences from that of society and culture today. Time is a big factor in this. Some might say the people of the time lived barbarically and that we now live very civilized, but were they really that barbaric? They do have several differences from us including the different levels of societal structure, which include the role of women, men, children, and slaves. Cultural differences include differences in "government" set up or the way the area is ruled, how crimes are handled, as well as, differences in religions, gods, deities, and forms or types of worship.

Greek culture has no true structure except within the household. Outside of the household many people are treated based on how they live or dress. There isn't much reference to their societal structure outside of the home except when the cattle herdsman was very rude towards the swineherd and Odysseus (as a beggar). They do talk about having slaves. Outside of the home one would assume that there would be the beggar at the bottom, then the slaves, which would include herdsmen and farmers, and then the people who owned the slaves. Then within the household you would have the slaves at the bottom, women of the household in the middle and the men of the household at the top. It is easy to see that the women are below the men because Telemachus has the ability to tell his mother...
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