Cultural Relativisim

Topics: Morality, Cultural relativism, Anthropology Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: September 9, 2013
the term Cultural relativism is based on the fundamental principal that there is no universal moral codes. Therefore, cultural relativism is the moral and social standards specified by a community, which should not be arbitrated by other communities . Simply, because the fantasy of write and wrong differ from culture to culture, and what is natural and appropriate in one group may be entirely inacceptable or abhorrent within another group. Cultural relativism has an important positive effect in anthropology. Many people or communities see the perfection in their behaviors and morals, and they look to their beliefs and opinions as heritage that should be weighed by all things. For those who don't believe in cultural specificities and relativism in things comes the Cultural relativism as a pick that destroy the wall of isolation, insularity and mono vision. Now we can see that the acceptance of pluralism become bigger and people become more open minded than before due to the notion of cultural relativism. Cultural relativism is a controversial issue in philosophical world. Raches, for example, in his article the challenge of cultural relativism, tried to show that cultural relativism is not totally true. To defend his point of view, he gave three reasons. The first one is that we need to criticize the practices of some cultures in some situations that obviously seem wrong, especially practices that harm innocents. The second reason is that no culture is complete or infallible. So within a culture itself there are aspects of practices and ideas that individuals should criticize and stand against it, which is unacceptable in cultural relativism. The final reason is that with absolute cultural relativism we couldn't compare two societies and decided which one is more developed. We will just see the progress of other societies as changes that might be write. So with absolute cultural relativism we can not value other societies.
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