Topics: Brand, Brand management, Branding Pages: 10 (3583 words) Published: July 20, 2014
Bhuvan Lamba
Professor, St. Soldier College, Jalandhar City, India
A brand is a perpetual entity that lives in the consumers mind. Brands are drivers of competitive edge. ‘A successful brand is a name, design, symbol or some combination which identifies the product of a particular organization as having a sustainable different advantage (Heinmann, 1991).Brand is a powerful tool to attract more consumers to buy particular products. Several brands, under the influence of globalization and concerted efforts from media advertising, have become popular not only in their country of origin, but also in other markets with high potential. Having a strong and remarkable brand image could help establish an identity in marketplace. AUTHORS ARGUMENT AND IMPLICATION

The author argues that there is a striking relationship between a product brand and the buying behavior of consumers. He also opined that some firms like Coke for soft drinks, Nike for sports accessories, McDonald’s for burger which are famous in their respective fields, incur lots of money on advertisement to promote their brand name. The customers ask for these brands for the popularity of particular brand name and the company makes their sales increase. The following are further view of the author. The companies should introduce new varieties of products for attracting the various age group and different gender. companies have to establish the link of their brand name with the customers through different sources of communication. Because ultimately the customer is the only one who buy their products which helps the company to increase their market share as well as profit earning. There are various brands available in the market to become the most popular brand among the customers. The company needs to establish a good relationship with the customers. To establish a good relation with customers, company use the social networking sites platforms. The companies make their ‘accounts’ or make a ‘page’ on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and other social sites to make a link with the customers. IMPLICATION

If companies would have to spend so much on advertisement like those mentioned above, it might deplete the firm’s capital base, all in the name of sustaining the firms brand in the market. It is good to maintain good and cordial relationship with customers in order to enjoy customer loyalty, but not when the medium is not one conversant of the latest platform to keep up with customers. Facebook is gradually fading out. SUMMARY

The study effectively espouse the influence of branding on consumer buying decision as it identifies the nitty gritty of a strong brand. Evaluation of Socio-Cultural Factors Influencing Consumer Buying Behaviour of Clothes in Borno State, Nigeria. Lawan A. Lawan, Ramat Zanna

Department of Marketing, Ramat Polytechnic, P.M.B 1070,
Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria.
The consumer is governed by social and cultural norms which the society has and in which he is living. Man is primarily seen as a social animal conforming to the general forms and norms of the culture surrounding him and to the more specific standards of the sub-culture to which his life is bound. Thus, man’s attitudes and behaviour are influenced by several levels of society’s culture, subculture, and other factors like social classes, reference groups and family. The challenge to marketers is to determine which of these social levels are most important in influencing the demand for his product. The African society is predominantly one that place more importance on its culture which is somewhat regarded as the total way of life of a group of people. From the foregoing, any business outfit that hopes to maximize profit in a typical Nigerian society, should...
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