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Topics: Decision theory, Policy, Decision making Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: January 18, 2014
Brillo, B. B. C. (2010). Power politics in policymaking: The anti-money laundering act of the Philippines. Arts and Social Sciences Journal. Retrieved from Magee, J. C., & Langner, C. A. (2008). How personalized and socialized power motivation facilitate antisocial and prosocial decision-making. Retrieved from


This journal discusses the influence of power on the policy making process. Power and money are major motivators in the policy making process. This journal claimed that a prediction could be make on the outcome of a public policy based on the known motivations of political leaders and policy think tanks. An experiment was conducted to see how power can influence the decision making process. In the experiment groups of people from several different backgrounds were given information on the Cuban missile crisis and what decisions should have been made if they were involved in the decision making process. In this experiment the predictions of the authors were true. Majority of the people surveyed chose options that would best benefit themselves which was escalating the crisis because this would have an adverse effect on the other party which would be the Soviet Union.(Magee & Langner 2008)


I feel that this article was well written but the information given was somewhat flawed. In the experiment 6 of the test subjects had to be removed because they did not follow instructions. This would not have been so bad if the number surveyed was more than 96 people. Because of this I feel the results could not be very accurate. But this journal does have a valid argument in that money and power effect policy making, another journal I saw agreed with this and said that "Power is persuasive in politics"(Brillo 2010). So although the information on the...
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