Creation of Your Own Religion

Topics: Morality, God, Religion Pages: 2 (693 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Religion of Generosity


My religion would be very similar to the one that I already hold, but with a small changes in it. There would be one god, who is the greatest being among all beings alive on earth, and everything else. One adjustment to my current religion would be that; some selected people would be able to communicate with god by actually seeing him. This special privilege would be given only to saint people selected by god, who he would know very well and trust them. The rest of the common people thru saints would know what is right and wrong, and what is expected of them. People would know that the related information are true and they wouldn’t have to question for prove. The given information will be presented to people in church every Sunday. People would understand the importance of attending the church but will be excused if circumstances arise and not able to attend. There would be other rituals during the year that people would celebrate to remember God and his greatness. One day a year would be a holly day just for adoration of god, where people would sing and dance, cite the god’s words, and praise him for his greatness. This will create an atmosphere of unity and everybody will hear what god is about and what is expected of us, so there will be no confusion amongst all the people and every body will know, what is wrong and what is right. As to the birth and death, people would celebrate new life more announcing than death. Human life will be associated and viewed as special, that new life brings additional good and new creation to existence. Death would be a sad ritual, as it would be natural to be sad if a person who lived long life and help others thought the years suddenly left all the people he knew behind. Old people who lived long life and the disabled ones would be prepared for death, thus they won’t die alone and scared. There would be an afterlife, including heaven, purgatory and hell. People who lived good life...
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