Course Project Decision Management 530

Topics: Decision theory, Decision making, Risk Pages: 13 (3594 words) Published: September 12, 2013
Deciding how to Market Royale Resort Hotel Product offerings in a Competitive Market. (Course Project)

Bisi O. Thomas
DeVry University - Keller School of Management.

Professor – Victoria Ashiru
Managerial Decision-Making (MGMT530)
May 15, 2013

Table of Contents
Executive Summary3
Problem Statement5
Since the stakeholders revokes their contract with Regale Properties whose str market?” ategy is to host the city’s festival as marketing strategy to launch the hotel product offerings into the market and prefer moving into franchise with Marriott for best reasons known to them. The decision problem becomes “How do we better position and market the hotel product offerings into the mature competitive To better define the problem at hand, we need to identify key decision elements surrounding the problem such as:……………………………………………………............................................................5

Summary of Key Objectives:7
Scoring Model: The table shows the ranking of all objectives with one as the lowest value, four as the highest value.11
Weighted Scoring Model:11

Executive Summary
The course project provide me an opportunity to define a decision problem that focus on how to better position and market a new develop hotel product offerings into a matured competitive market. The problem emanates from the action of the stakeholders that revokes a signed contract with Royale Regale Properties a consulting group supposed to manage the hotel for ten years and decide moving into franchise with Marriot Hotels. The revocation came amidst the consulting group preparation to host the city festival in launching the hotel products into the competitive market. To justify stakeholder’s decision, the senior management applies a systematic decision making process of properly defining the problem, clarify objectives, identify alternatives, understanding consequences and constraints. In evaluating the alternatives with concern on costs as cause of revocation, develop three objectives to select the best solution. The objectives focus on operating costs, advertising costs, contract fees and marketing strength becoming twice as important as other objectives. The options focus on management capabilities thus decide on management by contract, moving into franchise, going into partnership with a chain operator or independently manage the hotel by its owners. The management selects the best option, management by contract, considers consequences dealing with uncertainties, applies the company risk attitude, implements the solution, monitors and plan ahead of decisions linked over time. The senior management decides consulting group hosting the city festival will be a better way to position and market the hotel product offerings, seeks to meet the stakeholders for approval to proceed with proper implementation to assess the effectiveness of the decision.

Introduction – Overview of Decision Problem
This project centers on how to launch Royale Resort Hotels with its new recreational facilities and opulence service into a mature competitive market. The company’s product is the state of art amenities and excellent services to satisfy the leisure and business travelers. The market have the hotel competing with other well-established rivals in the fast changing market place but intend to position itself with its unique features and quality service to differentiate and leverage its competitive edge. The newly developed hotel is centrally located in Stockton city, CA. and ready to be launch into the market in a grand style by hosting the city’s yearly festival slated for July 4, 2013. The hotel is on contract to Regal Properties Group to lead the management team along other hotels managed by the group. Regale Properties has a record of accomplishment of managing hotel chains, based on their experiences is ready to launch the hotel products by officially hosting the festival as a good marketing strategy. The group...

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Culled from Week 5: Group Decision Making - Lecture: Decision Tree.
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