cosmopolitanism literary review

Topics: The Shadow Lines, Amitav Ghosh, Novel Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: November 18, 2014
Aadya Prasad
Dr Vikram Kapur
603 Advance Academic Writing

Literary Review on ''Cosmopolitanism” The Shadow Lines

Cosmopolitanism is a space of cultural and ethnic transaction where characters seek to overthrow artificial frontiers to come to terms with the reality of cultural and political transformations. Moreover, cosmopolitanism also refer to cross-cultural practices of imagining or remembering space and place in the novel.

Nadia Butt addresses the representation of cosmopolitanism in Amitav Ghosh’s memory novel by recalling and imagining the interplay between private and political lives. She argues that in Ghosh's fiction, space is not merely remembered as an imaginative construct but is represented as a domain of political and cultural encounter, encounters which actually shape the connection of different characters with territory and location. Hence, space is represented as a dynamic arrangement between people, places, cultures and society as the construction of space in Ghosh's novel does not simply manifest territorial struggles rather, it serves to show the interplay between local and global influences and above all the search for community and alliances that cut across boundaries of cultural and ethnic identities Bhasha, argues that the places described in the novel are many. As Ghosh says a place must be ‘a part of history’, Trideb had lived in. For instance,‘Their old family house in Bally-gunge Place with his aging grandmother’ in Calcutta, England, Banaras, America, London and Delhi and these are places that have a history. Her argument is genuine and gains ground as these places are relational and are associated with identity also these places have identity because these places have a present, a past and a future. The place itself becomes a character in the narrative place and adds to the individual’s identity. Juxtaposing the narrator with Ila we find that Ila has seen little even though she has traveled...
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