corporate social responsibility

Topics: Greenhouse gas, Low-carbon fuel standard, Kyoto Protocol Pages: 6 (1667 words) Published: September 25, 2014
1 - Description of current activities.
Maybank are one of the two parties in Malaysia whose take part in the CDP. They had showed their carbon commitments through their participation in the CDP since 2010. Basically, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is a UK-based non-profit organization which involves the participation of stakeholders and companies to disclose greenhouse gas emission. Also Carbon Disclosure Project basically is a measurement and reporting on change of climate nowadays. Participation of companies in Carbon Disclosure Projects encourages and helps business implement and execute reduction strategies of carbon emission as an essential part of their institute. Also it protects companies against the influences of climate change and helps the organization become more energy-efficient. In 2009, Maybank was the first and only Malaysian financial institution whose takes part in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)’s questionnaire. Also, to contribute a better corporation’s global effort Maybank had take part in CDP for the past three years to decrease GHG emissions. In 2011, Maybank completed the CDP questionnaire. Maybank has applied a selection of actions to save energy. Maybank try to reduced greenhouse gas emission, water consumption by renewing their energy-saving lift systems, reforming their air-conditioning system and set up lighting more efficiency. The scoring of CDP is based on an indication of a company’s commitment level and their experiences in carbon disclosure .Maybank get score of 37 in year 2011. In 2012, Maybank is the only Malaysian financial institution who participates in CDP. Maybank received a total score of 58 in year 2012. It is considered as an improvement compare to 2011’s which Maybank get a total score of 37. website, goal of CSR
Vision of Maybank is to be a regional financial services leader. Maybank’s CSR activities are focus on four major categories which are community, environment, workplace and marketplaces. To promote and establish their corporate activity, Maybank had set up a foundation. The goal of the Maybank’s foundation is to encourage a sustainable progress that distributes a superior life’s quality. Maybank‘s goal of CSR are to bring benefits to society by conserving environment through awareness activities and also takes part in community development activities. Under environment, Maybank target to contribute positively toward the performance of environmental. Also Maybank’s goal and mission on their CSR are to make people and their business become more environments friendly and encourage customers to go green. Maybank wish they can raise the awareness of environmental issues among communities and enable society getting more concern on the issues on environment and animal protections. 4.opinion on their sincerity,merit and intention

Maybank take part in Carbon Disclosure Project for their corporate social activity under environment. Under these issues, we had to figure out whether Maybank are doing their corporate social activity sincerely and willingly. In my opinion, Maybank are doing corporate social activity with intention, but not fully sincerely. They do so to build their image up within the society. Companies which more active in doing their social responsibility programs are basically getting more attention from the society, also their reputation and image are better compare with those companies that not getting much involve in social responsibility programs. Companies with a better image will make consumers more trustable toward to their products. Also promoting corporate social activity companies will attract potential employees and investors. When employees feel they working in a company which has a good policies they will more passionate toward their jobs. This help train productive employees. Also in our opinion, Maybank may distract the public through launching corporate social activity from the ethical question they had done....
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