Consumer Behavior

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This research paper provides a background and overview of how cultural influences affect consumer buying behaviours to identify any commonalities and differences between consumers in the United States and Russia, and to determine what impact these differences and commonalities have on online and brick-and-mortar outlet purchasing behaviours. Chapter one introduces the topics under consideration, provides a statement of the problem, the purpose and importance of the study, as well as its scope and rationale. Chapter two provides a critical review of the relevant and peer-reviewed literature concerning e-commerce and e-tailing and a discussion of the respective economies of Russia and the United States today. Chapter three presents the study's methodology, a description of the study approach, the data-gathering method and the database of study consulted. Chapter four is comprised of an analysis of the data developed during the research process and chapter five presents the study's conclusions, a summary of the research and salient recommendations for companies seeking to establish or expand their online presence in the future.

Review of Related Literature
Data Analysis
Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations
From the Paper:
"The trends are clear and unmistakable. Just a decade ago, online sales were a very small part of the national economy of the United States and were virtually nonexistent in the former Soviet Union, and online sales in total comprised a tiny fraction of global trade. Today, though, online sales are in the tens of billions of dollars, and electronic commerce is becoming increasingly important to consumers, sellers, and entire economies. Though considered to be in its relative infancy, Internet usage and on-line marketing are also growing explosively. In fact, during 2003 alone, approximately 40 million households in the U.S. made at least one purchase from the Internet, up from only six million in 1994 (Black, 2005). Rapid innovations in a wide range of telecommunications, the volume and rapidity of air travel (in spite of the September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States), e-business and instantaneous "live" television coverage of important - and not so important - events have made the world a smaller place in which to live and shop, but with an enormously wider selection of choices available for those with the right tools and access. Today, new words and terminologies have entered the vernacular to describe this emerging reality; e.g., Internet, e-commerce, KBE, ISPS, dot-com companies, web portals, telephony, PGs, wireless application protocols; combined with other buzzwords such as "creative destruction" and "paradigm shift," as well as neologisms such as "glocalization," "globalating" and "technoglobalism," it is clear that more and more businesses will be turning to the Internet as a way to improve their competitive advantage and increase their market share in current and additional markets (Mutalib, 2002). Indeed, advances in technology have provided useful supportive tools in the conventional market. For example, television and radio have greatly facilitated one-way communication. Various information systems can be used to process transactions, collect and analyze data."

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[pic][pic]Part 1: Executive Summary
This research paper explains the decision making process , the internal and external factors that have influences a “high involvement” purchase of Steve Wang that was made recently. At the beginning of this research paper, introducing the demographic detail about Steve Wang and his lifestyle information. Then the product information like price, distribution and competitive position. In the part of analysis of the decision process, mainly give the theories of the process, using...
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