Conservation: Greenhouse Gas and Global Warming

Topics: Greenhouse gas, Energy conservation, Carbon dioxide Pages: 3 (1094 words) Published: February 9, 2014
Is anyone concerned with what our world will be like in years to come? With the effects global warming is causing to the environment, it’s hard to say that our planet Earth will be the way it is today. Because we are concerned with our environment and the effects global warming is having on our environment, we should all be inclined to do what we can to help improve the future of our planet Earth. Through extensive research, I have learned what is in store for our environment along with simple things we are able to do to help our environment and our environment’s future. Today I am going to convince you can help to save our environment. Today I am going to speak to you about: 1.) the important role we play in decreasing and reversing some of the negative effects of global warming, 2.) what we can do around the home to help save our environment and 3.) What we can do outside of the home to help save our environment. To begin, I would like to fill you in on the important role we play in decreasing and reversing some negative effects global warming has caused.  Important role human beings play in reducing global warming’s negative effects  ·         By making choices that help the reduction of greenhouse gas output into the air, global warming can be reduced or even reversed. ·         The emission of greenhouse gases causes the Greenhouse Effect, which plays a detrimental role in the process of global warming. ·         I will discuss what can be done to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases with you shortly. ·         If we make the decision to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases put out into our air, we are able to reduce global warming. Many people believe that in order to help save our environment, drastic adjustments in our daily lives need to be done, however, that is a common misconception. To prove this to you, I am going to tell you what can be done around the home in order to reduce the negative effects of global warming.   What can be done around...
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