Consequentialism: Morality and Bible Books

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CAT: An Intern’s Dilemma

1. Case Facts
a. HBS Intern working for an tech security firm
b. Had trouble getting a visa to work in Asia, so started working in Boston b.i. Duty was to conduct market research by reaching out to other firms including direct competitors b.ii. His bosses asked him to identify himself as a HBS student, rather than an intern with that company b.iii. This made him uncomfortable but it kept coming up

2. Problem Statement
a. Does Yang agree to misrepresent himself as a HBS student rather than an intern of the firm? 3. Issues
a. He agrees to do so
a.i. He compromises his own moral integrity and reputation
a.ii. He compromises the reputation of HBS
a.iii. He may be violating the business ethics of the American office a.iv. He tricks other firms into giving him information that they shouldn’t offer to competitors b. He doesn’t agree to do so

b.i. He stands his ground
b.ii. He loses potential future employment
b.iii. He angers his employers
4. Alternatives
a. Ignore the request and continue his work as an intern
b. Refuse to participate in the project and request to work on a separate project c. Start a new project, put the original project on hold
d. Quit this job, but then he wouldn’t have a job as he rejected all his other offers 5. Recommendations
a. He should stand his ground and uphold his ethical ground. His employers will respect him as they have indicated that they adhere to a set of business ethics.

CAT: Oliver Sparling and Bible Books, Inc.

a.i.1. Case Facts
a.i.1.a. Sparling: senior analyst at a consulting firm, also an openly gay man a.i.1.b. Was working on a case for a bible book company in Birmingham, AL a.i.1.b.i. A career-defining case, success would lead to a possible promotion a.i.1.c. Executives at Bible Books had a problem with his sexuality a.i.1.c.i. Asked him not to discuss his partner or relationship, wear his commitment band a.i.2. Problem Statement: not a question

a.i.2.a. This case presents the ethical dilemma of self-respect and integrity of the individual in conflict with the demand and expectations of the firm and their customers. a.i.2.a.i. The autonomy of the self, the dignity of oneself a.i.2.b. Does Sparling hide part of himself to further his career? a.i.3. Issues

a.i.3.a. Discrimination
a.i.3.b. Being true to oneself
a.i.3.c. The cost of furthering one’s career
a.i.3.d. Personal sacrifices
a.i.4. Alternatives
a.i.4.a. Ask to be taken off the case
a.i.4.a.i. Potentially sacrificing his promotion, chance at career advancement a.i.4.b. Deal with Bible Books, disappoint himself
a.i.4.b.i. Further his career
a.i.4.c. Stand up to Bible Books, face potential repercussion a.i.4.c.i. They could fire his company
a.i.4.c.ii. Or they may admire him and change their policies a.i.5. Recommendations
a.i.5.a. I would suggest that he hides his sexuality. While not ideal, the executives of Bible Books don’t represent the values of his company and it is a temporary situation that will lead to greater benefits in the future. He will be happy when he returns to Chicago. Further, his work life should be defined by the work that he does, not his sexuality. While it is not ideal, it is a price of doing business with difficult partners.

Fundamentals of Ethics: Chapter 9: Consequentialism: Its Nature and Attractions Consequentialist outlook: do as much good as you can
Not an egoistic theory
G.E. Moore: If you have 2 choices of what to do, and one brings less good than the other, that choice can’t possibly be the right one Acts are morally right just because they maximize the amount of goodness in the world An action is morally required just because it produces the best results i. Identify what is worth having for its own sake i.e. friendship, happiness, knowledge ii. Identify what is intrinsically bad i.e. physical pain, mental anguish iii. Determine all of your options

iv. Ask of each option: what are the values of the...
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