Consequences of Russian Revolution

Topics: Communism, Socialism, Marxism Pages: 2 (296 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Russia was the first country to establish a communist state. Soon after the revolution Communist International (Comintern) was formed for promoting revolutions on an international scale. The Revolution led to the formation of communist parties in many countries often with the support of the Comintern. Socialism:

Despite differences between communists and socialists, after the revolution socialism became one of the most widely held ideologies. Popularity of socialism helped mitigate discrimination based on race, colour and sex. Democracy:

The Revoluti6n led to redefinition of democracy. Most people began to recognise that for democracy to be real, political rights without social and economic rights were not enough. Economic Planning:

The idea of state playing an active role in regulating the economy and planning the economy, to improve the conditions of the people gained wide acceptance. Dignity of Labour:
'He that does not work, neither shall he eat', gained wide acceptance adding a new dignity to labour. Internationalism:
Socialist ideas also helped in promoting internationalism by emphasising nations think beyond narrow self interests. Imperialism:
The Russian Revolution hastened the end of imperialism. Russia after the revolution was the first country to openly support the cause of independence of all nations from foreign rule. Nationalism:

The revolution awakened the peoples of Asia and Africa and infused a new spirit of nationalism in their fight for freedom from the European colonizers. Division of the World:
The world hence came to be divided into two i.e., Socialists and Capitalists. The revolution gave a call to the workers of the world to unite against capitalists. Though by the end of the 20th century the international reputation of USSR as a socialist country declined but the socialist ideals of the Russian Revolution still enjoy respect among the peoples of the world.
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