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Confidence is an important element in the learning process. In order to learn, students need to believe that they can learn. When students are given opportunities to successfully complete a Task, Are given encouragement from their teachers, and are exposed to a variety of experiences, they can develop strong self-confidence.

When students have opportunities to complete tasks successfully, this shows them that they really can learn. For example, if you give a small child a book with lots of pages crowded with words; naturally she will feel it impossible to ever learn to read. But if you give the child a book with just a few pages, she will begin to think she can. Break knowledge down into small portions, so the child can learn a little bit at a time. This is how a child gains confidence in his abilities.

Encouragement is also important. The teacher can show the child how to break a difficult task into small parts and praise the child’s small successes. The teacher can give the child support to keep going until a difficult task is completed. If the teacher believes in the child’s abilities to complete learning tasks and lets the child know this, the child will believe in himself, too.

Having a variety of types of learning experiences also contributes to a child’s feeling of confidence. If a child has opportunities to work alone as well as in groups, then he knows he can Work in different situations. If he learns to write about what he learns as well as talk about it, then he knows there are different ways that he can communicate information. Knowing that he can learn in different ways and in different circumstances helps him feel confident about his abilities to learn. In conclusion, confidence is an important part of learning. The way to build student confidence is by assigning tasks she can complete, by encouraging her and by a variety of learning experiences. Each of these should be part of all classroom activities.
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