Conference Notes on Marx

Topics: Communism, Marxism, Karl Marx Pages: 2 (322 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Johana Sperlova
POLI 232 – 013

* As with the previous readings, the communist manifesto deals with oppression of citizens, especially the proletariat. The oppressor is not one person but the bourgeois class, which owns the majority of labour produced by workers. * Communism considers history as a natural and automatic progress where communistic society is an essential result. For Marx, history is not over; end of history comes with the communistic reign and with destruction of all classes. * The view on history is as follows:

* Primary communistic society – primitive communal society * Slavery
* Feudalism
* Capitalism (that is where the proletariat class rises) * This proletariat class will later on reach the communistic society. * The goal of communists is a revolution against bourgeois and a classless society which would contain of common property, classless arrangement, centralisation of credit, communication and transport in the hands of state, and equal liability of all to work. * The communist argue why the capitalism must die by several arguments; the capitalists incompetents since their economy does not develop the production; the existence of bourgeoisie is no longer compatible with the society; and the bourgeoisie lost control over their workers who can now get organised. * Marx also comments the situation of the labourers who are alienated from the product they create, from their own nature and from other human beings. This point appears to be very important and relevant in present times, where most of the people are not satisfied by their jobs and most of the property is owned by approximately 15 % of society. I personally find reading Marx and Engels very relevant to our present situation. For example in my country (The Czech Republic), the communists have won the regional elections in 5 regions, 23 years after the Velvet revolution. As...
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