Concepts of Ethics

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Virtue Pages: 1 (271 words) Published: May 20, 2011

PHL310-0904A-03: Ethics    

Ethics and Morality

Keith Martin

It is often difficult to discern the two terms ethics and morality when trying to explain them to someone. Ethics itself is not easily defined. Some people I know often confuse it with the word ethnic, which may have some influence on ones ethics, but it is not the same word. For most people their ethnic background plays a major role in the development of their ethics and morality. For the most part, we all desire to live right ethically and morally. It is an innate human quality. Ethics to me are those things instilled in me throughout my life from various experiences that guide me to live a positive life. My ethics were built from two fundamentals; studies and life experiences. I would have to place studies first; such as biblical and historical. The teachings of the Bible have developed my ethics in a very positive way; where as my studies of history has developed my ethics into being impartial, bias, and just. The latter but not least important is experience. My various life experiences have shaped my ethics into a code in which I live by. This leads to morality. In my opinion, morality is the application of your ethics to life experiences to determine right and wrong. My morality is associated with my moral values. These are values such as love, respect, and honor. My moral values and ethics guide me to cherish life, respect and accept others for who they are, and most importantly; be a good person - honorable.
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